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Uncharted Water

Geoff Taylor

This is a song about waking up one day middle aged and suddenly single. Ouch! Thanks to everyone for listening, posting and voting.

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41 reviews for this song.

This is an amazing pop tune that combines a realistic story line every listner can relate to, with simple catchy, memorable lyrics and great beach references that compliments the warm and fun feel to this song. Now combine that simplisticness with the complexity of everything that is going on with the musical arrangement, then add in incredible vocals that seem to ebb and flow like the tide, well, you have one great little song here! But you have to stick around until the ending, which is my favorite part of the song, complete with a great melody and lots of musical activity that are simply complimented by the great vocal contrasts that are happening. When the song has ended, it has the listner sitting back in amazement, knowing they have just heard a really, really good pop tune, and will no doubt have them singing it for the rest of the day...enjoy...I sure did!

Reviewed By hbsun at 2010-01-27 08:05:41

Good song. Very catchy.

Reviewed By GeoffTaylor at 2010-01-27 08:10:25

One of the better sounding songs I have heard in the last decade!

Reviewed By Brad007 at 2010-01-27 08:21:11

Great Song! Very catchy melody and lyrics. Lots of fun to listen to especially for these times!

Reviewed By kraftykats at 2010-01-27 09:18:38

Great song! Makes you want to drive down Pacific Coast Highway with the top down and THIS SONG turned up all the way!

Reviewed By popkorn53 at 2010-01-27 14:49:47

This is Awesome. I want to hear it on the radio!! I want to hear more from Geoff.

Reviewed By bandfan at 2010-01-27 15:47:29

OK. this is a great song. Now I need to hear it more. Where can I get more music from Geoff Taylor? Wonderful!!

Reviewed By tommynotune at 2010-01-27 15:52:20

What a great song and voice!!!! I could listen to that song over and over!

Reviewed By Yumi at 2010-01-27 17:08:54

Good song! I like the message a lot.

Reviewed By Sweebee at 2010-01-28 09:59:46

This is definitely a song I could listen to over and over on the radio! Very catchy and great lyrics. Love the vocals too! Great job, Geoff!

Reviewed By debfi at 2010-01-28 14:55:45

Not a bad song...catchy, but it's pretty 80s dude. The synthesizer and vocals are about 20 years out of date.

Reviewed By goodcook at 2010-01-30 20:34:02

Great song! Very catchy with lots of good hooks. Very well produced too. I definitely want to hear more.

Reviewed By CraigMW at 2010-01-30 22:00:11

Very cool song. A lot of great hooks (still going through my head!), great vocals, well produced. I love the message and the upbeat feeling. Can't wait to hear more from Geoff ...

Reviewed By Singsalot at 2010-01-30 23:12:21

Awesome song!! Catchy with a great beat! I want to hear more from this guy!

Reviewed By Judi at 2010-01-31 18:51:49

Great song..this guy needs a recording contract now!

Reviewed By K_DOG at 2010-01-31 21:00:19

Love the upbeat tempo and creative sound effects. Geoff has a unique sound and very clean presentation. Great radio song!

Reviewed By pizzaface at 2010-01-31 21:19:33

Wow! This tune is what we need more of today. After listening to this song a few times I had a happy feeling of optimism. The vocals express kind of a new beginning with optimistic outlook. With all the economic problems going on in todays world, I really feel Geoff has hit the mark, not only in creating a catchy tune, but also in creating the right song at the right time. It's not possible to listen to this and come away not feeling just a little bit happier. Can't wait to hear more from Geoff.

Reviewed By Musicwithin at 2010-01-31 21:48:20

Great song, Geoff!

Reviewed By RichR at 2010-02-01 09:18:23

Nice uplifting melody. A live band would lend more punch, but otherwise a very polished arrangement.

Reviewed By devinelines at 2010-02-02 08:36:02

Love this sound! Let's hear more!

Reviewed By Musicdoesit at 2010-02-02 12:50:03

Heard about this site on Hugh's show. I've listened to the top 5 songs and this is by far the best one in my opinion. I especially like the chorus and the way the harmonies resolve through that section. I don't see a way to download the tunes on this site or I would put this on my play list. Keep up the good work!

Reviewed By Singerit at 2010-02-02 18:16:28

Very good song, Geoff. I really liked it. I definitely want to hear more. Thanks for cheering up my day.

Reviewed By bellgang at 2010-02-02 22:24:38

We need more from this guy!! Putting a smile on my face.

Reviewed By Brad007 at 2010-02-04 13:45:42

Great stuff, Geoff! Congratulations on work well done. You can do it all.

Reviewed By Junko at 2010-02-05 17:07:17

Great work, Geoff! Really enjoyed this upbeat piece, and as others have observed, it has such a nice texture and accessible complexity. Great vocals!

Reviewed By MrScot at 2010-02-09 07:22:41

Catchy tune...I like it!

Reviewed By jacobsmom at 2010-02-09 11:59:30

Great work on this song Geoff keep up the good work

Reviewed By tazdonald2 at 2010-02-13 10:16:56

Great song Geoff! It's really nice to hear songs from such a talent!

Reviewed By get2mikey at 2010-02-17 01:53:44

The more often I listen to this song the more it grows on me. I wish some radio station would pick it up. I really feel it would be a hit.

Reviewed By Musicwithin at 2010-02-21 15:12:13

Why isn't this song on the radio yet????

Reviewed By Mystahree at 2010-02-22 20:30:05

When I hear I need to be out in the beautiful sunshine just boppin along with the music! Definitely a son to put on Ipod and ride my bicycle to.

Reviewed By kridge381 at 2010-03-03 20:00:34

This is an amazing pop tune. For 1984.

Reviewed By cyborgking at 2010-03-04 22:47:07

Geoff, I have given some good reviews to you and I think you are a great artist. I read all of the reviews above and there are two references to this sounding very 80's. I couldn't agree more. If that was your purpose, then I get it, but I just don't like this. 80's music sucked, and the era has not really stood the test of time. Just my opinion. If it were me I'd re-arrange this thing to an updated version. I also think the lyrics are pretty weak..."it's a brand new day, what can I say". Seriously? You can write better than that. Sorry, we are in the minority because you've got a lot of positive reviews on this song but I know you are much better than this type of pop fluff.

Reviewed By musicguy098 at 2010-03-04 23:38:00

Nothing wrong with pop music, no matter what the decade, and certainly was not exclusive to the 80's. The catchy lyrics accompanied by the upbeat music is what makes this such a fun song. To have people remember the lyrics, the melodies, the hooks...well what better testament to a songwriter's ability? The contrast of simple & complex within all four of his songs, along with such musical & lyrical diversity, is what separates a great songwriter, singer, muscian from the mediocre ones who are only able to create sameness in every song. So disagree with "you are much better than this." The versatility is the genius.

Reviewed By hbsun at 2010-03-05 07:28:53

I agree hbsun - nothing wrong with pop music at all. I just don't think this is good pop music. Simple difference of opinion. However, I do respect your opinion on it. I think that, on this song, most professional producers would demand some lyric changes, especially that first line. I really like this artist, but like I said I just don't think this is his best effort. His other songs move me beyond words, this one did not.

Reviewed By musicguy098 at 2010-03-05 07:52:08

Opinions are so damn important and valuable because they are ours to own & share. The beauty of music & song is because it moves individuals in different ways on different levels. There is music for everyone & everyone's tastes...and I, too...respect your opinions. I can understand you maybe not liking the style or sound of this song and that is certainly ok. I guess I just feel that constructive critisim is always the best way to go (just my opinion) & did not like what sounded like an attack, to me, on the songwriting ability. I so totally agree with you that this artist definitely has the ability to "move me beyond words" through his music, as well. Hey, we can just agree to disagree on 'Uncharted Water,' because we certainly agree on the other three! Can't wait to hear where the 5th one will take us!

Reviewed By hbsun at 2010-03-05 08:14:24

Agreed. Wasn't my intention to attack, but I know that I can sound that way. Thanks for the reminder to be constructive. The beauty of music is exactly that, varying sounds for varying tastes.

Reviewed By musicguy098 at 2010-03-06 00:47:56

You are very welcome. And then there was amazing & wonderful music...suddenly all's right with the world.

Reviewed By hbsun at 2010-03-06 12:07:18

Amen to that!

Reviewed By GeoffTaylor at 2010-03-07 09:50:18

Reading the reviews: I think hbsun was a little touchy. And musicguy has a point, but I just have this to say about Uncharted Water: CATCHY! (I will probably be humming 'uh-uh-uh-uncharted water' all day long—-to the point of annoyance!:)

Reviewed By musikon at 2010-04-07 13:48:22

DATED SOUND!!! But I guess retro is in according to these reviews...

Reviewed By theRoad at 2010-06-07 13:53:01

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