Use Beard Oil To Make Your Beard Look Healthy

assorted beard oilsFor the beard fans out there, both men and women, there’s a great solution to make those roots that are natural look really good, which is by using the proper beard oil. Beards for quite some time have been growing, and it has turned into a tradition in some areas, where there are competitions to see who has the best-looking beard.

A beard becomes a great deal to a guy, and it can make all those guys with baby-looking faces look mature. But  whatever your reason for growing a beard is, your beard should only look great. And a great looking beard does not occur by itself. It requires grooming and treatment.

Benefits Of Beard Oil

Well, in case you want a healthier skin you should begin using beard oil. It tames those rebellious beard hairs and moisturizes. The oil softens the skin and hair beneath it and makes the beard end up with an elegant shiny finish. Due to the moisturizing properties, your beard will dump the flaky and dusty look. With regards to the type of oil. Beard oil also gives your beard a good scent.

What Exactly Is In Beard Oil?

Should you want to appear good I always say, it’s necessary for you to prepare to at all times spend to get the very best. It is best to receive the best quality oil that is beard in case you need a good looking beard. What many beard growers may not know is the fact that the sort of ingredient utilized in beard oil makes the world of difference in the sort of complements your beard gets. You need to look for essential oils- which state, soothe and moisturize the skin and hair. Ingredients in a beard oil that is good must not irritate the skin or cause any distress. Here is a listing of a few of the many essential oils used to create beard oil.

  • Avocado Oil
  • Rose Water Oil
  • Peppermint
  • Olive Oil
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh


There are various pages on the net how to generate your personal beard oil with directions. One should be careful when making these homemade oils as the incorrect concentration of compounds may result in adverse consequences, such as for instance skin burns, skin irritation or damaged hair. It is quite awful to tear your beard while grooming. The safest bet would be to get beard oil from products that are accepted by the FDA.

How To Oil And Dress Your Beard

Below are simple steps to follow when you’re grooming and oiling your beard.

Obtain A Beard Grooming Clothing

Before you venture into lubricating that beard and making it resemble a million bucks, let me make a suggestion. Get a beard grooming kit that consists of vital tools such as comb, mirror, brush and scissors. All these would be the tools you’ll need later on.

Get Your Beard Clean

The following phase would be to wash that beard after you’ve nipped away at those rebellious hairs. Understand that a dirty beard is a dirty surface, and oil works only on clean surfaces. Use organic shampoos that will make those hairs, full, strong, and healthy for your beard.

Dry Your Beard Completely

You do not want to apply beard oil to a wet beard. Dry it using a towel to do away with any extra water concealed in your facial hairs.

Groom Your Beard

You are going to need your comb and brush. This step is delicate. Brush through to make certain there are no matted hairs hidden in your beard.

Add Beard Oil

Pour beard oil in your hands and start to moisturize from the root of the beard to the tip. Don’t pour too much oil all over your face. Use step-by-step applications, beginning from the sides, down to the chin, and then the jawline. Every strand of beard hair ought to be oiled. And the skin underneath should also be moisturized.

Brush Your Beard Again

After a thorough oiling, use the brush from the grooming kit to make it smooth and put back in place any hairs that were untangled from oiling.

How Often Should You Oil Your Beard?

Oiling your beard at least three times a week is good. That provides the skin under your hairs a little breathing room and also should be sufficient to maintain that incredible sheen.


If you have followed the in-depth step by step oiling and grooming instructions above, your beard will be on its way to win the top beard of the year award and turning heads.